Thursday, 30 May 2013

Three Wheelers VS Four Wheelers (Small commercial and passenger Vehicles)

1.25 lacs – 1.50 lacs
2 lacs – 4 lacs
35 Km/Lit
28-20 Km/Lit
20 Ps/Km
2 Rs/Km

Three Wheelers way ahead:

·        3W’s have a much better access than 4W’s in India. The roads in the small towns, small cities, rural and semi rural areas very narrow but the 3W’s can roam easily without any problems.

·     Three Wheelers are even better for their service. Good technology is used in the 3W’s which is so simple that the driver can service it himself. The driver can become a half engineer on the spot thus saving his time and earning some more livelihood. Whereas 4W’s have to be taken to the service centers. The drivers have to pay for their maintenance, fees and also their time. The maintenance cost in 3W’s is negligible compared to the maintenance of a 4W. Hence more losses are incurred with 4W’s.

·         The Re-sale value of the 3W’s is considerably better than the 4W’s.

·    The dealer margin in 3W’s is also more than that of 4W’s. The small 4W’s are dependent mostly on the spare part sales and servicing.

PS: Written on 23rd April 2013

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